Farmer's Leap Vineyard is Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Certified


At Farmer’s Leap, we implement the innovative Sentek Technology program, employing specialised probes that are strategically placed within the soil to constantly gauge irrigation levels. This approach allows us to maintain optimal watering conditions for our operations, preventing any excess water usage. Moreover, we have integrated the Dream Irrigation system into our vineyard management practices. This system can be conveniently managed through our smartphones, enabling us to transmit precise irrigation commands directly to the distribution lines. 

Soil Health

At our vineyards, we proudly embrace the practice of under vine composting. Between the vine rows, we cultivate a rich foundation of clover and grass pasture. As spring emerges, this pasture is thoughtfully mowed, initiating a process of natural mulching and composting. This not only enhances soil health but also conserves water resources as the need for irrigation diminishes.


Our vigilant viticulturalists remain vigilant in safeguarding the vineyard’s balance, closely monitoring potential pest and disease threats. Interventions are thoughtfully applied only, when necessary, with a strong emphasis on fostering beneficial insects that act as natural predators to mitigate pest populations.

Integrated Farming Practices

Post-harvest through early spring, our vineyards become home to grazing livestock, effectively curbing weed growth and reducing the need for chemical treatments and manual labour

All orders are processed and distributed by Farmer’s Leap. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18.
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